Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oceangang's "#Lifeabeach Volume 1" review

Ok I have some explaining to do with this mixtape and I owe Oceangang especially Cartier God a huge apology. Even though I was on drugs at the time it is no excuse for my actions and what I said and did to the Captain. I sent him some pretty nasty messages on Facebook and I apologize to the fullest for that. I have not been on Facebook for almost a year now as a result of my shame.

If you read my AGoff's review you will see that I stated that I have been a follow of Oceangang for some time now. I think it was around 2010 or so when Lil B the Basedgod was attaining alot of mainstream attention and the number of his fanbase skyrocketed. The people who listen to the Basedgod's music like to refer to themselves as Based. A bunch of aspiring artist who also was fans of Lil B started a subculture over the internet and shared music. This was when I came across a producer Galaxy Beats.

I fell in love with Galaxy's awe inspiring beats. They have a means of putting you in a trance that anyone can vibe to at any time. Non of us Based artist had any real money but we all looked out for each other. One day Galaxy posted that if anybody had any equipment if they could donate it and I mailed him one of our old keyboards that was just collecting dust. I hope he put it to good use.

As I continued on I found out all the artist who he make beats for and that is how I discovered the Captain Cartier. He was responsible for bringing alot of the based artist together and they all would do features on each others tracks. I never rapped but I did swag on alot of their stuff. Swag is when I use another persons work for my personal advantage. I never would ask for permission because I never made any money so I never had to bother with paying out any royalties. It was just for fun and I did attain a little bit of fame.

The music that Oceangang would put out was just as good, well really it was MUCH BETTER, than anything being played on the radio. I did everything in my power to help promote them because I could hear the genius and talent that all of them had. They all worked very hard and eventually that got the attention of Soulja Boy and he would do features for them. Then he hosted the mixtape I am suppose to be reviewing right now but I'm giving the back story for my perspective.

Everything seemed to be on the come up with Oceangang but I have no clue what happened. Soulja Boy only officially signed AGoff. Not that he didn't deserve it, but I do question why was he the only one doing videos and on tour with SODMG? Like I said I have no clue but it seemed to cause a rift and nothing was the same with Oceangang. After that Cartier stopped replying to my messages on Facebook and I got pissed and went off. I would like to leave that in the past and move forward.

Let me get to the damn review. I CAN'T LIE most of this shit sounds horribly fucked up. I know back then non of them had any extravagant equipment and used what they had to the best of their ability but it sounded extremely distorted mainly when Cartier went on the track because his unique style of the synthesizer wasn't engineered to the best quality. You can tell a difference on the tracks with Soulja Boy because he has the financial ability to have a professional style studio. Alot of the tracks on here was made before Lil Dre came into the picture so I understand and accept why it sounded so bad but other than the audible issues this is a Masterpiece Mixtape because the meaning and how it brought together so many hungry artist.

I would wish whatever happened could be put in the past and Oceangang got back together and made "#Lifesabeach vol 2". This time I would like to get on a few tracks. Unfortunately the mixtape has been taken down off Datpiff.com and the only reason I was able to listen to it is because it was on my SD card and I pretty much listened to it on a regular basis. It was a two disc special that was easy to listen to from begging to end. Please all Oceanbros get back swaggin together so we all can win.

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  1. Hey do you mind supplying your copy of this mixtape? I've been trying to track down old Ocean Gang/Cartier God stuff and I've been trying to find this mixtape. Thanks