Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sean Brown's "Whole Foods 2" review

Come and enjoy the smooth sounds of Sean Brown. He is a message orientated with gentle vibes to ensure you enjoy your high. He is more poetic with his lyrics, as opposed to your usual rapper who just wants to rhyme on a track. I have no clue what the title represents, but this is not a bad listen at all with tracks like Track 07- "17 Again" 

This mixtape wasn't long at all, but it did have a long feel to it because of how it was constructed. If I may make a suggestion, is to have a couple Turned Up tracks mixed in, because I did get kinda bored at the end. There was a nice surprise at the end with Track 13- "Rideaxu Lunaries". The interlude where ya boi Chilly Gonzales does his thing.

I listened to this because as I began my usual day of mixtape reviews I was watching the news, and Fox reported that Whole Foods will be opening a store in Englewood, a neighborhood of Chicago. Really it's nothing neighborly about Englewood, because it is the HOOD. At least 2-3 murders happen a day, and for expensive ass Whole Foods to come in and feed off peoples link card money is genius on their behalf, but the idea of hood folk shopping there makes me laugh.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I do this for free but I do need a lil cash to support me and my fam so I do ask that if you can donate $1 through Paypal it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting Great Franks Place. 


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