Monday, September 16, 2013

Eminem's "Straight From The Vault" review

It may just be a bunch of older unreleased tracks from Slim Shady past but its nice to hear something form him occasionally. I got word that he did a show not to long ago and sht was jumpin. This is a nice 6 track tape to take you back to at a time Eminem could win any argument for the best rapper ever. He takes me back when I myself was bootleging his music and selling it in the lunchroom with Track 5- "My Words Are Weapons"

One thing I have always respected about Eminem is how he never let the fact that he is a Caucasian rapper hold him back with his success. As a matter of fact he used it to his advantage with his raunchy weird comments and heavy metal anger vibes. I actually kind of took some of his swag because is passionate and goes hard all the time. He really is able to make you think because really he is a poet and captures your tension span in a imaginative trap.

I also like how he has addressed the fact that the internet has pretty much shut down record sells. Now successful artist have to get off their lazy rich asses and do shows to pay their bills. I guess them royalty checks don't look quite like they used to. Not like you have to actually do a real job and struggle, you get up on stage and perform fuckin songs for you fans and they show their appreciation by paying high ass ticket prices and buyin ridiculously uncharged t shirts. Then you got 50 Cent suing everybody. If dat nigg wanna sue me gon head because Im BROKE. Why in da fuk you think Im on here asking for $1 donations?

Eventually their will come a day when record sells will be a thing of the past completely and future generations will say "Back in the day people PAID for music. HELL NAW!!!" Let me also say I do buy music when I like the artist. For example I plan on buying Ballout's "Ballout From The Street" even though he put it out as a free download because dat shit swaggin and I wanna give support

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I do this for free. All day and night its just me. Please help and donate a lil money. All I'm asking for is $1 not tring to be funny. Thank you for visiting Great Franks Place.


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