Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spazz's "#Enyway" review

NEW YORKERS NEED TO SUPPORT YA GRL!!! She is sexy ass hell, fine ass hell and raw as hell the triple package for any super star to make it big. I don't know exactly who contacted me and asked to review this mixtape but I do thank them because I had alot of fun listening. She is sure to please with her New York accent and a swag that cant be matched. Track 13- "Spazz Out" ft Papoose really solidifies her status.

All I been listening to lately is New York rappers. I REALLY want to swag out there because I know without a doubt I would fit in nicely because nobody is garbage. Something must be in the water because yall niggs go ham. Spazz is sure to thrive because she goes hard and is extremely lyrical & I have yet to come across a New York artist that lacks in that department. Plus she gives good messages that feeds you with some valuable knowledge.

Only issue I had is very minimal but I don't understand why Papoose and T-Easy is in the artist description like they are in a group. Unless you have a collaboration mixtape, don't ever put a big name artist in the description. Own your own name and it's kinda tacky thinking more people will listen because Papoose is on the title. All that does is piss that listener off because they was expecting to hear the big name but that's not the case.

Also I like that she addresses her minute speech impediment. On one track she said "Spazz you spit like you missing a tooth".. At first I thought it was an engineering issue but that is her voice. I actually kinda like it because it is something that helps to add to her uniqueness. It's very important to have a sound nobody can copy because somebody will try to do it once you get big. Keep grinding and make it happen.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I do provide this as a free service to any and all artist who wants thier mixtape review. If you have it to spare a $1 donation would be very fair. Thank you for visiting Great Franks Place.


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