Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saint Anthony's "A2DV1" review

At first I had no clue what the title meant then I found out it stands for "Ashes To Diamonds Volume1" and it fits because he is da shit. With his great selection of sampled instrumentals and original beats to make you tap your feet and skeet skeet skeet. Great work thats gonna make you fly with Track 12- "Skyway" prod. by Sledgren, the guy who makes beats for Wiz Khalifa.

What really captured me is his lyrical skill. He has a great ability to give your mind a good feel. His words flow really nice off his toung and its easy to get lost. I often had to remind myself that I am on job and take notes because he has a way of putting me in a trace.

I really couldn't find anything wrong but I read some comments and Realpikcritic1 wrote on Datpiff "The only improvement to be made is the structure, hook, and production" I thought about it and I somewhat agree with him because you used alot of sampled instrumentals. Nothing at all wrong with it but I believe small name artist should keep this at a minimal amount because you have to establish what makes you original. Its great for promotional purposes for big names because they are trying to sell albums. Also other than "Skyway" you don't have many hooks. Find someone to help you out. Many artist have made a career just by hooking up other artist with good hooks RIP Nate Dogg. I don't know why he said the production need improvement because everything was swaggin with that.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I do provide this as a free service for any and all artist who wants thier mixtape reviewed but I do need a lil money for me and my fam so a $1 donation to my paypal would really go along way. Thank you for visiting Great Franks Place.


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