Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kaleem's "Speak For Yourself" review

After an evening of listening to 3 mixtapes that was charged up this was a nice one to mellow out to. Really this is a hybrid style because he has soften delicate tracks with a nice up beat tempo that can keep you up also. Track 3- "Behind The Scenes", is sure to make all the ladies scream.

His producer Dan Cahill sure does know how to make some magical beats and this is a nice duo that really works for both of them. Dude is defiantly speaking real talk on all the track. Real recognize real and he spits something that you can feel.

Only constructive criticism I have is it's kinda lengthy with 16 tracks. On one track near the end he says "Tell me when to stop" and I just kept thinking to myself RIGHT NOW. It's silly to me for a starting unknown artist to put more than 11 or 12 tracks because most people are not gonna bother listening to all that. Cut it short and release more mixtapes so you gain more name recognition which takes time. Other than that its a great listen.

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