Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ballout's Blitz review

We all should strive to be better so as I stretch my efforts to attain more readers and widen my audience I will implement my BLITZ series. When I blitz an artist I do a good majority of their works so they have more coverage and more people are informed of their talents. This Blitz I have featured Ballout reigning from Chief Keef's Glory Boyz Entertainment.

I choose to do Ballout because I feel like next to Sosa, he is the most talented out of the set. I have listened to all his solo named mixtapes on Datpiff and I am very impressed with his consistency and style. He goes ham on every track. Only other person who keeps everything turned up other than Sosa is Soulja Boy. Ballout is suspected of stealing Soulja Sosa's chain. I don't know exactly what happened and honestly I don't care but it would be nice if Soulja and Sosa could work out their differences because that was a special duo. At the same time I don't wouldn't any of Chief's thiefs in my presence either so I understand. 

You gotta give it to Ballout because not many people are willing to post a link to buy a mixtape right next to the link to download it for free. He knows he recorded a masterpiece so real fans of his music wont mind paying the lil ten bucks to support a Chiraq cat. If I can get some more donations I would love to support a hometown artist who is on his way to doing big things. 

You can click on the link below to purchase "Ballout From The Streets". Also I am another broke niggs just trying to make a living so if you are willing to support a hustler please donate $1 to my Paypal. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 


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