Friday, September 20, 2013

Jae Millz's "R.O.T.S." review

HARLEM STAND UP!!! Rep ya boi who been at the top of his game for years. Falling off is not one of his fears. He a poetic battle rapper who is able to go acapella and shut down the very best with is massive collections of punchlines to keep the crowd screaming loud. I found out what the title meant on Track 7- "(R.O.T.S) Reality Of The Situation"

I know that Jae Millz gets mad respect world wide but I hate to say it I never listened to any of his works other than watching is great battle raps. I remember first watching his vs Murda Mook from back in the day. I recently watched him murder dis white dude, Im not sure but I think his name was Monk.I just remember his saying something about him being Jewish and dat shit was cold. He hasn't lost a step and gotten better.

This mixtape has defiantly added me to the fanbase of his music as opposed to exclusively his battles. What really is a deciding of a mixtape being great or not, is not just the talent of the artist alone, but they need to have great features. He has them with verses from Vado and Markarel and  Track 4- "Real As It Come" sounds like the beat was produced by Kanye. The old great Kanye, not this shit Yeezus put out.

I have NO CLUE how y'all battle rappers do it. I already know I would suk ass at dat shit because its not my style to the least bit. First off, y'all go with no beat. WTF!!! Chicago style rap is more musical and the artist connect to the beat more. The lyrical skill is not that important here but in NY y'all use those punchlines to your advantage and its spectacular. To do that you have to be good at writing rhymes and to battle rap you have to not only have a great arsenal of punchlines, you gotta have a nice flow. I only have one of those attributes but I am practicing so I wont embarrass myself when I go at it.

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