Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Bodega Brovas "Believe In Bodega" review

What in the hell is Headkrack doing wasting his time on Dish Nation? Well he is on nationally syndicated Hollywood gossip news show so he is getting crazy exposure plus attaining fame on what I believe will eventually be the top rated gossip show. His rap crew really brings back the hip hop sounds that made rap world famous. They really captured me with thier with a up tempo, message orientated ballots like on Track 3- "Bout That Life"

I don't mean to make this entire review about Headkrack but I just googled 'The Bodega Brovas' and I couldn't manage to find the other members name. Well really, I gave a super half-ass effort because I'm kinda fuked up right now but not to fuked up to stay on my grind and finish a review.

Maybe Headkrack is just doing this as a hobby and that's why they only have 98 downloads (99 if you count mines) but there is no reason why he can't eventually break off of radio and do it big. Take the same route Ludacris took and make millions of ya rhymes. I plan to do the same with my blog one day but that will be a whiles away.

I hate to say it but y'all should be extremely embarrassed that this only has 98 downloads. This mixtape has been out for over a month now and its sad that y'all couldn't manage 100 downloads. The ONLY reason I am holding that against y'all is because you have Headkrack in ya crew. Anyone else I wouldn't give a damn, but you have someone famous in ya crew and that goes along way. I know he can't promote his stuff on the show because of legal issues, but that shouldn't stop him from using his status to put in a lil extra work so at least you have respectable amount of downloads. Numbers never lie and for only 98 people to give a damn to download your tape just shows a ultimate display of laziness.

With all that said this mixtape was totally raw as hell.The lyrics are carefully created and I really like the beats because they are more musically crafted as opposed to your usually loop beat. Nothing wrong with loop beats but I often find myself getting bored because nobody is willing to try something new. I'm sorry but the ONLY artist who is willing to stretch out of his comfort zone is Lil B the Basedgod but that is another topic for another blog I have coming soon.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. Also I do this for free and although I am not being paid, I stay on my grind. I would love a real job that I wouldn't mind doing but I smoke too much weed to get a real job and nobody will hire me so a $1 donation to my Paypal would really hook me up. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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