Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Trey Songs "Intermission" review

Trizzy comes in smooth, with some really good grooves. Swag! Y'all know how ya boi do, and please believe he gettin dem panites. SWAG! I have been a fan for years, but this my first review for one of his mixtape. I love dis kinda tape because he makes the best bedroom music, and you will agree when you hear Track 04- "Good Girls vs Bad Girls" (DatpiffExclusive).

You gotta understand that I want a girlfriend, and have been wanting one for years now. Really I was waiting for this one sexy swag, but things just didn't swag. It's all good and if she ever decide to call, I would be willing to talk like in Track 05- " Talk About It"(DatpiffExclusive).

I'm not some regular dude. Everything that's comes with me, is part of a full package, that is full of all kinds of swag goodies. Swag! After listening to this tape I'm able to understand how to eliminate all the no swag in my life, and just go forth for da betta. I'm willing to make some changes just like in Track 06- "Change" (DatpiffExclusive).

Just like I always say if you wanna contact me just email me at greatfrank87@gmail.com, or hit up my Snapchat greatfrank87. I'm always willing to listen to some new artist mixtape and possibly write a review. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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