Thursday, September 17, 2015

Johnny Cinco & Hoodrich Pablo Juan's "Poppi Seed Connect Da Grand Hu$$le" review

Jonny Cinco and Hoodrich Pablo Juan teams up with DJ Durel, and comes in with a substantially stout mixtape, that has a nice slow flow for you, to make sure you know. Please understand I have been listening to J Cinco for a good minuet now, and he has kept going and made it happen. You gotta do what you gotta do like it Track 08- "Trap Out The Store" ft. Sosa Man.

I believe when I downloaded this mixtape, I saw 3 new mixtapes that all featured Johnny's work. That is amazing and a sign of a true hustler. I just downloaded the one with DJ Durel, because I remember how good he did Migos' "Rich Nigga Timeline". I haven't listened to Hoodrich Pablo Juan that much, but I do plan on tuning more in the future. You will know how to appreciate them when you hear Track 06- "Knew That".

As I listen to this, I constantly ask myself why is Johnny's rap all drawn out. It sounds like he is always out of breath at the end of every verse. I hope everything is ok, but it adds a nice individual aspect to his music. Nobody will sound like him, and that is a nice quality to his tracks. It doesn't matter because he is the man and get alot like in Track 03- "Who Got It Pablo".

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