Thursday, September 10, 2015

Future's "Official White Label" review

All hell yeah! Ya know that ya boi go stupid hard on every last one of these 19 tracks. You better have some strong endurance, and be ready to go for well over a hot sizzling steamy swag hour. You better start getting like Future and go hard like in Track 14- "Go Harder".

You can really appreciate it when a major artist of his status is willing to feed da streets with what we need. Sometimes, it's just about beasting up and surviving the game. Do what you gotta do for ya loved ones, so just weather the storm and you will be all right. Just get motivated by Track 11- " Hell N Back" ft. Pill.

You gotta realize that reaching success is not easy by any means. You gotta put in hella work and take care of yo business. As long as you work everyday and reach towards a goal, there is no way you won't be Rich $Wag! SWAG! You gotta be the C.E.O. if your company like in Track18- "Made Myself A Boss".

It' s been fun writing these reviews over the years, and I love all the artist who are trying to make something of themselves. I do this as a free promotional service. I used to ask for donations but that didn't swag, but it's all swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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