Friday, September 25, 2015

TBK Beats "Instrumentals Vol. 1" review

Awe hell yeah these are some Beats, that will ensure that you tap yo feet. Seriously after I downloaded this I was like DAM!!! I WAS SWAGGIN!!! I was tuned in and flowing da hole time, and you will be zooming and blowing when you hear Track 07- "Hungry For More".

Now understand, these are some turned up Beats. Dis some stuff you listen when you trying to swag up and get ready for dat action. It's about to be peak season and time to charge up for da holiday season. $WAG!!! I the time is now and you will comply when you hear Track 01- "Champion".

I download instrumentals mixtapes all da time. I don't understand why more producers just make these and give people a sample. I do know alot of them have websites, but what I like is a downloadable mixtape, that I can play as I'm driving. I use WiFi, thus I can't stream as I drive. It's all swag tho and everyone concurs with Track 06- " The Force".

If any produce wants to meet me, or send me some beats to listen to, just email me at or hit up my Snapchat greatfrank87. I'm always willing to give my opinion, and show some love. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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