Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rick Ross"Black Dollar" review

Ricky Rosa comes in with a strong street rich swag for all ya real hustlers to grind to. Y'all know what I mean when I say that this MMG heavy hitta never fails to deliver on any piece. With 17 legit bomb tracks, you will agree when you hear Track 08- "World's Finest".

I have been a fan Ricky for years now, and I remember when I pruchased "Port Of Miami". I was banging that all summer. You just gotta be part of the squash squad to understand. Its a life style, and  for you to catch up just listen to Track 05- "Money & Powder".

I know alot of folk don't respect Da Boss bc he was a prison guard before becoming a respected rapper.  I don't care and I love his enter swag.  Its good to see him trying to lose weight, but some folk look better big.  Its all swag. I never believe in lying, but sometimes you gotta tell a fib or two to get where you need to go, and you will concur when you hear Track 13- "Beautiful Lie" ft. Wale. 

Everything seems to be going in the right direction for me, and like in Track 12- "Take Advantage" ft. Future, it's time for me to take advantage and make sometime of myself while I'm still relatively young. It was my birthday yesterday and I realized I'm only getting older. Everything will swag in due time. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 

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