Friday, September 4, 2015

PeeWeeLongWay "MPA." (Money-Pounds-Amunition) review

Woo Woo Wooo WOOT!!!!! What you know about LongWay? You not swaggin to da swag if you not fuckin WOOT ya boi. SWAG!  Ev Everybody that somebody, knows damn well that dis nigga COLD!!! I been swaggin wit ya boi for a minuet now, and you will love him on Track 04- "Outta Here" ft. Quavo; prod. By Zay Man.

I have been living looking for a new work from PeeWay for a long second. I remember the "Lobby Runners" swag, and that way raw as all fuk. SWAG! I'm just saying y'all don't know if y'all simply not swaggin so just listen to Track 07- "Extortion" ft. Offset; prod. BeatMonster Marc.

What's really nice about LongWay is far he never fails to go ham on any Track. I mean damn! DIS NIGGA COLD!!! If you not listening to da truth dat ya boi spittin deb you need to start wit Track 12- "Ain't Here For That" ft. MPA Head; prod. DJ Plugg.

I have really been trying to get back on my grizzy writing these reviews. I work really hard every day, and I'm just trying to get paid. $wag! One way or da others. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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