Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Steez's "Spring Break Tape" review

I found this mixtape on the Datpiff mobile app and I listened to it because in the description Steez says he Chance The Rapper is his idol. I like Chance as well because he brings a real musical sense to rap and Steez follows in his footsteps masterfully without totally coping his style. I love finding gems like this from young talented artist that have the ability to go on smoother tracks as well can trun up like in Track 8- "Swangin'" ft. K-Trilla.

According to the description this is Steez first project and its masterfully crafted. I like the beats because they have a hippy-trippy swag mixed with some classic funk. Also he has alot of space shuttle beeps which I call video game swag. I put originality over everything because its hard to create your own sound and find others that are willing to respect authenticity. Nothing wrong with respecting your favorite idols but sometimes artist can copy someone style so much without realizing it. In Track 1- "FuN" ft KD he talks some real talk that anybody can match with.

One more reason I liked this so much because I'm 26 & someone called me an O.G. earlier. I'm getting older and I now understand why my mother doesn't like when I'm playing Migos or Lil B because that music is not for the older crowd. I'm starting to enjoy listening to the slow swag more because life has alot of bullshit thrown at you and at the end of the day its nice to listen to something to unwind to and this mixtape will be in my library for a good minuet and I will be on the lookout for plenty more from Steez.

Another reason I listened to this because it only has 9 quality tracks. I know it's messed up that I factor in how many tracks there are to decide if I do a review, but I listen to way too many mixtapes & alot of artist will have 20 tracks and its not necessary.  It's best to keep it short and leave a positive impression on those who listen so they spread the word. Also Steez doesn't have a bunch of fake number like so many artist. I lose all respect for the artist who pay for fake downloads just so they look like they big time.

Since I started this blog I have realized that making good music has noting to do with making good money. So many talented artist think that all you do is put out a masterpiece and Ta-Da, your a millionaire. Music is an industry which involves revenue sharing. I should charge for these reviews because its free promotion but I don't do this for money. I love music and I show my support with this blog. I ask for donations and anything that is given is greatly appreciated on da swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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