Saturday, March 22, 2014

Giancarlo G's "The Raw Truth (T.R.T.)" review

Giancarlo G bust on da scene in with another mixtape. With his second tape he shows off his skill set and all I can say is swag. This mixtape stand for all the right things and it has some very nice beats and will have u listening for a very long time if you have the stamina for his long lined bars and superfluous gratuitous rhymes. He will have you swaggin on Track 04- "Bars On Bars"

I hate to have to be brutally honest but this mixtape is titled "The Raw Truth" & the truth can often hurt. The raw truth is I did not like this mixtape. I enjoyed listening to the beats but this mixtape was a fall off from his last mixtape "Brainstorming". I don't wanna appear like a hater because I read my previous review & I really enjoyed that last mixtape, but this one didn't have me swaggin.

As I read my notes I keep writing about how bad the lyrics are. The lyrical subject was nice but the delivery method completely threw me off. It sounded like everything was written and its nothing wrong with writing rhymes, but sometimes the words don't match up with the flow of the beats. This was pretty consistent throughout the mixtape. What would happen is like he started off saying something that had me swaggin but then filled up the bars with anyo word that rhymes. Then he would say something super cheesy and I was like no swag. I turned it off after 10 tracks because I couldn't stomach 9 anymore.

There was some tracks where I was like swag swag like on Track 05- "Truth" prod. by King Dahi which sounds more like a freestyle. Maybe Giancarlo should stick to that style because he sounded very poetic, but it clearly sounds different when he is reading rhymes. Just my opinion but all that matters is he keeps grinding.

This mixtape was a requested review and I believe Giancarlo G originally donated to my Paypal. That was back when I only accepted $1 donations but I changed that now because someone broke it down to me that was a no swag. I am working now but anything that is donated is greatly appreciated on da swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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