Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Court The Cool's "Cooltrane" review

Now this is this kind of mixtape I started this blog for. I just love finding these masterfully talented artist that come out the blue and are real and true. Dude is too cool and gives the knowledge to da fools. Perfectly edited tracks with all the cameos from previous classics like when he swags that David Chappelle slap swag on Track 05- "Cold[blood]ed".

I just was browsing around Datpiff after I paid for a premium account and came across this gem. I wasn't in the mood for any crazy bangers and this had a nice smooth jazz swag as I skim swagged, so I downloaded it. Once I started listening to it I was like DAM dude got sum raw ass rhymes on da swag.  This is real hip-hop, not all dat hard ass shit you hear about gang banging and selling drugs. Real life involves taking care of your business and we don't need all dat bad swag. It takes hard work like how Court explains in Track 08- "Generation Why".

There was alot of interluded in these beats from alot of movies and shows. It was nicely placed and tied into the song proper but I do have to question if he got the proper licensing. He has the talent to do big things but you gotta be careful because if you don't get permission first, it can caused you to be sued swag later down the line. I do thank all my readers for continuing to visit my blog and reading about the mixtapes swag. Please feel free to go read them. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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