Thursday, March 20, 2014

Snoop Dogg's "That's My Work 3" review

Yet again Snoop Dogg teams up with DJ Drama to show off why he is an icon in not just rap, but music history in it's totality. I will forever in life support Snoop because of his ground breaking efforts to remain real throughout his career. Through all the years and money he has made and success he has attained, Snoop has remained the same and stays true to the same roots that made him famous in the first place. He keeps it OG with joints like Track 10- "Cadillacs".

I can't fathom anybody not respecting Snoop Dogg's success. Not just his past works but his ability to keep his name relevant after about 30 years of being at the top of his game. Most big name artist wouldn't begin to think about releasing a free mixtapes, but Snoop remains humble and that is why he has always been able to tread the waters and his head above water. Also he stays true to the people he came up with like in Track 05- "Never Had It Like This" ft. Warren G & T Fly.
On a personal level, I  have looked up to Snoop as a role model since high school. He is super smooth and as I get older I find its much better to keep my cool. Life throws alot of bullshit your way and as I grow older I find that everything happens for a reason. If I fail at something, its just a lesson to regroup and try again later. Also I look up to him because how good he is with the ladies. I'm VERY bad with women and when I listen to Snoop, it's like he is in my car with me spittin all kinds of wisdom in my ear. Knowledge is key but Wisdom is what u really need.

Also I would be foul if I didn't show my respects for Snoop for his pioneership of the legalization of marijuana. No, he does not directly act on the concept, but him simply being him and continuing to thrive is more than enough to change people perception of marijuana. It may not be a big deal to people in Cali, but in Chicago there is still alot of prejudice for people like me who use it. Here, I'm perceived as a drug addict because I prefer to use herbal remedies instead of drowning my misery in alcohol or using prescription drugs that have all kinds of crazy side effects. I plan on purchasing a vaporizer soon so I can keep my lungs healthy like in Track 09- "Weed N Wax" by Soopafly.

As I grow older I will seek out more mature sounding pieces like this mixtape to review. I was looking at all my old Youtube videos and realized that everything was an overall no swag so I deleted all of them. It's not proper to use other people's music without first getting their permission plus I plan on starting a porn site and I want everything to be %100 legal and professional. If you have a few dollars to spare and don't mind donating them to help me start out, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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