Friday, March 14, 2014

Lil Herb "Welcome To Fazoland" review

CHIRAQ STAND UP ON DA SWAG SWAG BECAUSE LIL HERB GOT DA CITY ON HIS BACK SWAG! SWAG SWAG!!! Lil Herb defiantly gives that street shit for all da street niggs. Drill is only for da real & if u not about it den you might get killed. He really paints a proper picture of what goes on in dis city and he spitts about it on Track 6- "On The Corner" ft Lil Durk & KD Young Cocky.

It feels nice to get back to listening to sum pure Chicago rap. I sometimes get lost & confused about what city I represent. I listen to way too much Migos & its nothing wrong with that but they from Atlanta. Atlanta already has plenty of top name artist in regular radio rotation and I hate how all the artist from Chicago are ignored because we too real for the main stream. What Lil Herb is rapping about is real life & everyday shit & most people can't stomach the truth. Well if you cant take it then get out the way because its cumming to ya face.

I actually listened to this mixtape about a week ago but I have been working full time lately getting paid on da swag swag. I was surprised to see that he now has 155k downloads on Datpiff. To be honest I am skeptical of those numbers because only 110 have streamed it. There are plenty of services someone can purchase that will up your numbers and it's not real. Nothing wrong with paying someone to promote you, but I feel like it defeats the purpose to pay for someone to use an app that switches up the IP address & continually download the mixtape. Whats the point of someone downloading in and they not actually listening? Lil Herb is very good & he doesn't need any of that swag. I was at work and somebody else was listening to it at lunch after I already listened to it & realized I forgot to write the review.

I have never heard of Lil Herb before this mixtape and original the only reason I listened is because it's hosted by Don Cannon. I don't know what Don charges to have a mixtape hosted by him but whatever it is it's WELL worth it. Anything he puts out is an instant classic. There is about 3 producers that have this status: Don Cannon, DJ Drama, & DJ Holiday. All the beats be swaggin sum major swag swag. As I was listening I found it difficult to listen to what Herb had to say because these beats are on top of anything. I had to listen to the mixtape about 3 times to really grasp everything that Lil Herb had to offer on da swag swag.

I googled  Lil Herb & came across a reoprt on him from I will put the link below. It sucks I have never heard of him before because now he got a buzz fame and probably charges for his time. I would love to swag with him sometime on da rap swag because he is raw as hell. Drill rap is now control of the streets & everybody is talking about it. I watched Chicago Tonight & they did a report on Drill because it's legit and true to this city. This perfectly represents the struggle that all us Chiraq Cats gotta swag to eat. It's nothing to us and just another day like Track 10- "Another Day" ft King Louie.

Originally I listened to this mixtape high. I been smoking reggie lately because times is hard as hell and I can't afford the luxury of loud. Reggie is ok from time to time because it still is weed gets you high. My medication to stay above all the bullshit that life presents. Alternator done died & I gotta replace it later on da no swag. Sucks because I worked 40 hours last week & my check was only $250 & I gotta pay about $150 for dis alternator. Dam. I would love to swag with Lil Herb but I gotta pay him first so if u read this review & appreciate me den gon head & leave a couple of dollars in my Paypal account. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.




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