Tuesday, March 25, 2014

J-Hood "The Sarifice EP" review

D BLOCK STAY HOT!!! J-Hood bust on da scene with some knowledge for ya to swag to. I realize this mixtape is super short with only 6 tracks but its the message to me that means more than the actual music. He gets all these youngin' out here thinking straight with Track 05- "Wake Up Niggaz"

I originally heard this mixtape when it first came out few weeks ago, but I held out on writing the review because I only do one a day now. I have tuned into whatever D-Block has released since they started. I do wish they was still doing it big and from time to time you do hear an official release, but for the most part it's just J-Hood still in the game working his fame.

He uses his high status to continually feed knowledge so new generation rappers know what this business is really about. I understand why this is titled "The Sacrifice" because of the positive message. Generally when an artist chooses to do a work that is positive, that does not generate into sales and profits. It sucks but that is why record labels only sign these fake rappers who give off this message of do whatever for a piece of paper. Like he says in the intro "We need more black public figures."

This was a short review for a short mixtape. I believe artist should keep thier mixtape under 10 tracks because the purpose of these are to promote your music or whatever message your trying to give. There are thousands of rappers out there who are all rapping about the same shit trying to make money with these long ass mixtapes. Just keep swaggin and da swag will swag you up. You  can swag me up by leaving a small donation to my Paypal. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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