Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Stalley's "Saving Yusuf" review

Stalley is one the most proficient artist working. He is always reaching new levels and growing bigger and bigger. I have been listening to him for years now, and I he never fails to please. He is extremely intelligent and ferociously gallant with every verse. Mix that with a chill serene southern sounding beats, you know that all he makes is masterpiece. He is a hustler that will have you grinding to Track 13- "Ridah Music" prod. Black Diamond.

What's really nice about Stalley, he doesn't get on these tracks and run his mouth about nothing. He is giving knowledge for all the knuckle heads out there. Wise up yall. There are alot of things trying to take you out the game. You gotta be focused and work hard everyday. Stalley gives you the formula to make it happen, it's up to you to get it cracking. Everybody will know how to make it out a struggle with Track 03- "Midwest Hustler" prod. Block Beattaz.

You are just a fool if you have not noticed the growth of Stalley. It is mind boggling how big he has grown. I am always seeing him featured on alot of artist tracks, and he is always doing interviews getting more exposure. It's no secret how hard he works, and you gotta go hard everyday to get close to those levels. I can only dream of that happening to me, and I will know how it feels like in Track 10- "Hunid Stax" prod. Black Diamond.

It's easy to get lazy, that's why I write these reviews everyday. Sometimes I take breaks, and that is why I am just not getting around to writing this review. It's alright because we all just humans and make mistakes. All that matters is that you do your best to right your worngs and move forward. If anybody wishes to get in contact with me email me at or add me on Snapchat greatfrank87. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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