Thursday, March 10, 2016

David Banner's "Before The Box" review

Awe Hell Yeah! Ya boy David Banner did his thang once again. All he does is win, and there is nothing wrong with being dominant. When you are a king, that is how everything ends. This mixtape is a promotional piece for his new album "The GodBox" and you can preorder on itunes. I highly suggest you go get it pronto, because he done did it big on Track 14- "Swag".

I really appreciate him for releasing this today. Nothing interesting was being posted, and he came in and rescued the day with a masterpiece. This had be going from begging to end. I was able to muster up the energy to hear all 16 tracks. I like to show legends their proper respects, because I really appreciate them releasing these free mixtapes. Not many are willing to do it right before their new album, but that is how hustlers get it like in Track 12- "Malcolm X".

Now I do have to say, I don't understand why the track list didn't say who produced the tracks or the features. I don't like that, but that doesn't take away from the overall greatness of this project. It's just best to give everybody their credits, because that is the best way to swag up. It's all good though and I'm sure everything will be on the album coming out on May 13. You better go get it and hear Track 11- "Cross".

I have been working real hard to make sure I do at least one review a day. It's hard, but I find a way to make it happen one way or the other. Gotta stay busy, and keep my mind off all the no swag. It's so many distractions that try to take you off focus. We all just need to relax sometimes, and know how to work it with Track 07- "Black Fist".

If anybody out there wishes to get in contact with me just add me on Snapchat greatfrank87, or you can email me at I am always willing to hear anybody's mixtape, and if it's good I will write one free review. All you gotta do is ask and everything will swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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