Saturday, March 12, 2016

Famous Dex's "#OhhMannGoddDam" review

Dex done did it again, and released another party banger for all the girls and boys to turn up to. What a nice thing for him to do, because there are alot of bad folk out here that try to stop all the fun. We all need to be able relax and have some fun. Listening to this mixtape is all about good times and finical prosperity, and you will know when you hear Track 08- "We Next" by Lil Yachty ft. Famous Dex.

Dex sure is repping Chicago proud. He is king right now, and if you don't notice you simply a fool. Every party I go to, the DJ always have Dex in their playlist. How you not gonna be able to vibe with him, because he give it everything he got on every track. His energy is explosive, and you are crazy if you havn't noticed. You just not alive if you are not enticed with his stardom, and everyone in the city know like Track 02- "Kayne".

What's really exciting is watching a future top selling rock star grow right before out eyes. A home grown hustler that is making magic everyday. This mixtape came out today and it already has 5000 downloads, that is spectacular for an unsigned artist. Most sturggle to get 100, but he totally broke the mode. He is really making it happen and you will believe with Track 03- "4real" ft. Lil Yachty.

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