Sunday, March 13, 2016

Nyck Caution's "Disguise The Limit" review

Nyck Caution dropped a enlightening cerebral mixtape for all yall to vibe to. After listening to this you will be well informed about what is important in life. He is religiously brilliant with his lyrics, and you will feel educated and resurrected with Track 04- "Crucifix" ft. Joey Badass & Albey Balgochian.

This was my first time hearing Nyck Caution. I am going to assume he is affiliated with Joey Badass camp, because they sound similar and he is featured throughout the piece. I was very pleased after hearing this, because he is very witty with his rhymes. Also it was real nice to not hear someone spit about the trap for a change. It's all good though and you gonna know how he does it when you hear Track 10- "Wordsmith".

What I also liked about this, he has alot of religious references. I don't see artist who do that often, because they are afraid of the reaction. It's all good with me, and I wish more artist would take that route. I'm not saying merge gospel with hip hop, but it is nice if people flaunted their beliefs more. It shows that you are one with the higher power, and you will be saved when you hear Track 03- "Baptize".

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