Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hugo Joe's "Better Off Alone 2" review

Ya boi Hugo Joe did his thang on this one, and is sending some strong advise for all of us to accept. This is my first time hearing him, but I was immediately captured once I saw that he works with some top notch producers in the game. This was a real nice listen from beginning to end, and he has a hybrid sound with these nice beats and lyrics that keep it street. You gonna vibe with him and believe with Track 04- "Sade" prod. Mexiko Dro.

I never hear of Hugo Joe before listing to this. I was just browsing and saw his mixtape being advertised on Spinrilla. The title caught my attention, and I was sold once I started listening. All the tracks was well concocted and professionally tuned. Also his lyrics have a nice soul searching facet, that will have you deep in thought. After listing to this you will not be lost with Track 09- "Why Would I Need It" prod. Prezzley. 

Also, I really fancy that he is enchantingly romantic with his style. Looking at him, you wouldn't be able to tell, but this guy is giving good positive vibes. Being in love with someone can be a roller coaster ride, and if you not with someone true, they can hurt really you. It really sucks that there are people out here that abuse your emotions to get what they want. I honestly believe that as long as you find that one person who doesn't play games, then they are for you. Otherwise you shouldn't pay attention to them and play Track 11- "Better Off Alone" prod. Treybo 2 Times.

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