Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wiz Khalifa's "Cabin Fever 3" review

TAILOR GANG DOING DEY THANG!!! Ya boi Wiz came in to strong with another highed up work to make da ladies squirt. Woo! It's been some time since I last wrote a review, but once I saw dis I didn't hesitate to swag. Not to many artist on Wiz level, and you will know when you hear Track 10- "Left" ft. To Gotti; prod. Sonny Digital.

Wiz definite do his thang on every track. I mean seriously, this is one of his most distinguished and premier works. He was just going loose on da loops. What I also like da raw ass features. He brought out the whole crew, and not a single track was lacking. He really be on some G shit like on Track 04- "Foreign Bitches Freak Dips" ft. Chevy Woods; prod. DP Beats.

Now y'all must understand, there is alot of different ways to make $wag. It's not hard, and all you gotta do is grind and shine. If you not on to hustle you won't make it big. You won't remember how much you made like in Track 03- "Prequel" ft. Curren$y; prod. Sonny Digital.

What y'all gotta do is make sure you go to dis mansion party. You just gotta be connected with da right folk and find out where its at. Just hit me up on Snapchat greatfrank87, and I will plug you. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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