Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Grammy Rich's "Who Is Grammy Rich" review

Come on now yall and tune in to ya boi Grammy Rich. He did this thang on dis mixtape, so you better give him your full attention. I downloaded this mixtape a whiles ago, and I made sure to not delete it before I wrote a review. It is alot of nice tracks on this one, and he is really speaking alot of truths. I really respected alot of what he said like in Track 06- "Never Break Me Down".

This was one of the mixtapes I downloaded randomly. I just saw dude on the album cover and he looked real professional, so I said why not. I am really glad I heard this because he is real inspirational and intelligently whitty with every verse. Sometimes he raps pretty fast, so that means you gotta listen faster to appreciate this master. Not many that can do it like him, and you will hear him win in Track 09- "Like Me" ft. Siergio.

I remember I heard him say he recorded this mixtape in 6 hours at the studio. That's alright, because when you pay for professional studio time it shows. This sounds like it was professionally mixed and mastered. I often download mixtape that sound like they was recorded on a cell phone. That is not the best way to swag it. At least have a proper home studio if that's all you have like in Track 08- "All That I Got" ft. Paige Williams.

Like I always say, if any artist wishes to have their mixtape reviewed just add me on Snapchat greatfrank87, or email me at greatfrank87@gmail.com. I'm always willing to listen to somebody raw mixtape. If I don't randomly download it, I have never heard of it. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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