Monday, December 21, 2015

Juicy J's "O's To Oscars" review

Ya boi Juicy just don did it again. WOO!!! He never fails to release top notch works, and he keeps everything coming too strong and he never wrong. Dis was yet again another one from the legend to prove his top notch status. He has done it for decades now and has only gotten better with time. That's because he grinds and you will hear him shine in Track 13- "You Gotta See"prod Zaytoven.

I like this mixtape title because it reminds people that Juicy J is a former Academy award winning artist. It doesn't get any higher than that, and they was on stage going HAM!!! Dat was hilarious, and he is proof that anything is possible as long as you keep hustling. It's nothing that happens overnight, but you will succeed as long as you stay committed. There will be nothing that will be able to hold you back like in Track 11- "Aint No Holding Back" prod by Tarentino. 

I do have to say, I was somewhat confused because when I logged on to write this review I notice the title was just changed to "O's". I don't know maybe there was an issue with legality of the words. Well I'm just going to go with the original title because it fits perfectly. There is nothing wrong with it and he not being disrespectful like in Track 06- "Disrespecting" ft. DC Young Fly; prod. Lex Lugar, Juicy J, Lil Awree, Crazy Mike.

I have been a long time fan of Juicy's, and I try to write a review on all his works. I'm not writing as many as I used to right now, but I will try to do some more on a regular biases. If anybody wishes to have their mixtape reviewed just add me on Snapchat greatfrank87 or email me at Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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