Friday, December 4, 2015

Curren$y's "Canal Street Confidential" & Young Roddy's "The Kenner Loop" review

AYE HELL YEAH!!! Dis is da first time I have doubled dab on da review swag. There is no way I was gonna pass up on on working these albums. Soon as I heard them I was like DAM!!! I am captured and trapped by every track. Not a single song is whack , and you know dey snap on Roddy's album on Track 09- "Real Recognize Real".

This is the very first time I have done a review on 2 albums at the same time. I have not done this for any mixtape either.  Only reason I chose to do it because I don't fully understand why they was released on the same day. Some people believe Spitta and Roddy might have separated ways. I don't believe that is the case, because it's always JetLife one way or another. Best to just keep everything swaggin like on Roddy's album Track 12- "My Business" ft Curren$y's.

There has been alot out here that that will try to take you out the game. All you can do is stay on your grind and hustle all da time. Yeah you gonna be sad at times, but just do to best to keep to head up and you will be all fine. You will be victorious all da time like on Spitta's Track 06- "Winning" ft. Wiz Khalifa.

Now these are albums not mixtapes. If you wish to purchase them you have to get em off iTunes. Of course it's easy to illegally download and listen for free, but that's bogus. I do understand that most folk would prefer a hard copy, but it's all swag to pays. I don't make much money, so I pay by writing a free review. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



Young Roddy:

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