Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ruffio's "Luv Ruffio" review

Alright now, it's time for yall to sit back and relax to the true hood sounds of Ruffio. I randomly downloaded this mixtape on one of my download sprees, and I'm glad I did because he is very talented. Nothing too special about this, except that he brings it on every track. He is a romantic that knows how to treat a lady, and you will agree when you hear Track 03- "Dats Bae".

Let me say, don't bother listen to this if your looking for some lovie dovie R&B mixtape. He keeps it street on every track, and brings you into a world of heavy hustling and thug loving. I can respect it, and I respect anybody who glamorizes relationships. There is too much in the world that is trying to take you out the game, that's why it's special when you find that other person that you can grow with like in Track 06- "Power Couple".

This mixtape has been in my library for some time now, and I refused to delete it. Something about this attracted me, and once I started listening I know why. Although I'm not a fan of someone who uses autotunes, I was able to look past all of that and foucs on his overall message. We all looking for someone that is that one match. It can really suck at time,s because you might find someone that catches your eye, but they are not on the same page as you. They don't view you the same as you view them. It's alright, because over time hopefully they change and are willing to see and appreciate how much you truly care for them, and Ruffio explains it perfectly in Track 08- "What I Like". 

If anybody wishes to have a mixtape reviewed just add me on Snapchat greatfrank87. Unless I download your mixtape on some randomness, there is no way I will know it ever existed. I don't like to diss anybody. If your mixtape is that bad I will tell you direct, and I will keep you in mind when you release future works. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 


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