Saturday, November 28, 2015

Khaotic's "#BOOLA" review

Woo WOO WOOOOOOOOOO! Ya boi Khaotic's is macking and packing with dis one. DIS DID COLD!!! This guy really goes in on each the way of life, and he know what is really swaggin all  kinda ways. It's all good and you will agree when you hear Track 05- "Both Ways".

I found this mixtape on one of my random download sprees. I'm glad I found dis, because dis is a gem from beggining to end. He keeps it real on every track, and nothing is whack. I love how he keep it real like in Track 15- " Too Busy".

What I really like is that this is not some whack mixtape. This is professionally mixed and properly produced. I don't like bogus mixtapes that don't take the time to get it right. He sometimes used auto tunes, but it's all swag. If you like T Pain, den u will love Khaotic's work. You will know it's real when you hear Track 12- " Taste Buds" .

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