Thursday, November 12, 2015

Famous Dex's "Dexter's Laboratory" review

CHICAGO STAND UP!! ya boi Dex comes in dabbing and macking on dis mixtape. He has been going hard for the last few month, and he done swagged up to some next level swag. SWAG!!! Y'all know what I'm talking about. He comes out with a new Track every week,  and when he teams up with Laka Films they provide alot of magical fleek. You will agree when you hear Track 07- "Turning Up" prod. QMonsta.

Now I'm about to say something that will set off a storm. Famous Dex is currently the biggest Chicago rapper in da game. Before you disagree, let me testify why I believe that. First off, he gets alot of hate in the Chicago area. I was at a party not to long ago, and they started playing Dex. Of course there was that one dude that was hating and turned it off. Dex is RAW and y'all know when you hear Track 03- "Swagg" prod. Calibaset.

Also, I believe Dex is amazing in his videos. He knows how to turn up at any point, and he will have you shaking and baking in no time. What I exceptional enjoyed is how there is nothing too special about them, it's just dudes doing dabs to da tracks. It's sad he isn't played not of the radio, but it's alright because he growing and showing with Track 04- "Hoes Mad" prod. OJ.

Now I do have to point, the audio quality of this mixtape is miserably lacking. I'm serious, this sounds very bad. I'm not trying to dis him, I'm just stating facts. I remember it sounded like this on his last mixtape I wrote a review for "Never Seen It Coming". It sounds like everything was mixed on a smart phone app. It's OK to do that for a video, but tracks have to be professionally mastered and mixed by a studio engineer. It can be costly, but if you learn how to swag it, is all swag. Trust me I know, because I used to have some of the worst sounding videos on YouTube. Now I am a professional video editor, and I know you gotta fix it twice like in Track 01- "2 Times" prod. Kronic Beats.

Like I always say, if anyone out there wishes to have a review, just ask me on Snapchat greatfrank87. That's where I be now, because I deleted all my other accounts. I don't post pics, but trust me it's me. If you trying to link up is nothing. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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