Thursday, October 29, 2015

Young Me's "Give No Fuck" review

Young Me came in strong, wit dis swag dats dats dabbing long. WOO WOOOOOOOO!!! Dis mixtape has been on agenda for a Lil minuet, because it just looked raw. He sure did do his thing, and went crazy hard on Track 16- "Drugzz" ft. Rachet Red; prod. DJ Ricky Rich.

Now of course, I have to highlight da pure level of turn up that dis mixtape is dabbing. Dis is a double strong swag, dis a crazy lady stab. Swag! See sometimes you just gotta swag a sexy dp, to please dat lady. It's all swag if you swaggin with ya bro like on Track 06- "Dirty Sticks" by Milli Montana; ft. Yung Me.

Note, I must point out how much I loath lying Lil nigglets. I call dem 'nignots', because dem dey dem niggs you should NOT fuk wit. Dey don't be 100, and dey word is not worth a dam dime. I don't like being around weak low level company dat be on da same as Track 10- "Foolery" by Lil Lonnie; ft. Yung Me & Milli; prod Lil Lonnie.

I gotta say, this work is pretty lengthy with 17 tracks and 66 minuets runtime, but it's all swag because DIS SHIT COLD!!! Also it is pretty bold to put Fuck in da title, but that's is da most proper title for this piece. Dis is just a raw ass dude, dat is going ham on every track. You just gotta grab yo swag, pipe up, and relax to da dab. Dats what I did. Hit me up on Snapchat greatfrank87. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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