Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lil Herb's "Ballin Like I'm Kobe" review

CHICAGO STAND UP!!! Hold it down and represent for ya boi G Herbo, as he comes in with a solidly strapping street banger. He is currently the biggest up and coming Chiraq rapper. It's because he has alot of love coming from all neighborhoods. You gotta stay squad up and stay working hard to make it happen, and he gives you the formula in Track 06- "Gang" ft. Lil Bibby; prod. DJ L.

Let me remind yall, I do not live in the trenches. I stay in the suburbs where everything is pretty chill. I don't hear gunshots on a daily biases, that is the least of my worries. After listening to this mixtape, it allows you to appreciate and respect the struggle these brothers go through. It really sucks they have to go through what they do, especially knowing they only live about 20 minuets from where I am. You gotta be mindful and remind yourself sometimes like in Track 09- "Remember" ft. The Mind; prod. Austin Millz.

Another thing I can not fully comprehend, is why there is so much violence. Since I am not part of all that bafoolery, it seems foolish to inflict pain and misery on another. We all know we live in a trap, and the legal system does everything to keep you locked up if your skin is black. To me it would seem much more sensible to say fuck all that clique shit, and team up. Everybody needs put their personal motives aside, and for the greater good learn to sacrifice . Until that happens things are always gonna be hard like in Track 13- "Struggle" prod. Young & Fly.

I have never associated myself with any of the street gangs, but I do have a squad never the less. We are the "Swagin Swaggers" (with 1 g in da first swag and 2 g's in da second swag). You can find us playing Clash of Clans. The app you can download and play for free. We go to war all the time, and nobody gets hurt. I know alot of street hustlers view that as lame, but what's lame to me is dying before I turn 30, over some silly street beef. It's not enough time in the day, and way too much money in these streets. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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