Thursday, October 22, 2015

Maxx Milano's "Lano Rondo" review

Alright now, dis mixtape was legit and it was premiere. I couldn't help but download it when I saw da album art. Once I started listening, I was immediately entrapped by his simple repetitive hooks and top notch banging Beats! He will rumble yo seat with Track 04- "Free Throw" prod Nard & B.

I found dis mixtape just browsing through Spinrilla. I go on download speed spree, and get what ever catches my eye. To me, that is money, because I do free reviews. Well I will do at least one for free, sheet after dat I need day money like in Track 02- "Bankroll Anthem" prod. Bighead.

The main reason I liked dis mixtape, because it was short. It was still swaggin. I never heard of Maxx Milano's before this, but now, I will be on da lookout for more. There is no need for lower known artist to have a mixtape with 17 Tracks. 5-9 tracks is more than encouraged. It's best you do that so you always release the newest like in Track 05- "New Thang"  prod. MexikoDro.

Like I said, I found this on Spinrilla. I like their mobil app, but I don't like how when you download mixtapes of their app, you are only able to listen on the mobile app. They don't go in the library like zip downloads. It's all swag tho, and I still use em. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.


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