Thursday, August 4, 2016

Jae Walk's "Blacklist3D 2" review

Everybody please come listen to ya boi Jay Walk. He is an elegantly melodic lyricist who will have you in your seat, chilling to the beat. Once I started hearing, I was immediately amazed by his tuneful stylish instrumentals and aesthetically decorative rhymes. This is not a bass banging trap tape, but instead something you listen to when your trying to get your head together, and you will know what to do when you hear Track 04- "Be Alone".

I really like the title to this tape. It can really suck being blacklisted and shunned out. People are super quick to make an opinion of someone, and they have never had a personal conversation with them. It's quite amazing how gossip can mold the way someone looks at you. Not everybody like's to follow the crowd. Someone who is called weird, thinks that it's weird being normal. It's boring to stay formal, and Jae explains it perfectly with Track 09- "Different" ft. TMO; prod. Paul Cabbin.

Jae Walk is the kind of artist I started this blog for. It's so much garbage that is promoted on the radio, and it makes hip hop look so bad. It's sad, because if someone like him was promoted on a mainstream level, he would be winning Grammy's. Instead we have to hear someone rambling about pandas and what not. I say keep fighting to good fight, and every artist out there should continue to do their part to change folks opinions. He is really reaching new spots with Track 02- "So Far" ft. Showmann.

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  1. Nicely spoken, Frank! I like your style! John Smith @zipscorpsmith