Friday, July 22, 2016

Ace Hood's "Starvation 5" review

Ace Hood comes in strong and long with every song. This Florida hustler has been going strong for a good whiles now, and has held it down heavy. A prominent household name for any hip-hop fan, and after listening to this you are sure to be woke about the struggle. You gotta stay going and growing and glowing to start showing. Just stay on your grind and pay attention to Track 3- "True 2 Self".

I have been a fan of Ace for a good whiles now. He makes music for all the real ones out here, and if you not with it then you wont get it. This is my first time actually writing a review, but I am always listing to all his releases. It's been a few weeks since I last wrote a review, but I didn't hesitate to get back to work once I saw this posted. He just has that kind of effect, and you should not neglect with Track 06- "Go Mode".

Ace makes music that dream chasers should listen to. We all out here trying to get somewhere, and if you don't stay motivated, it will never happen. Sometimes you have to make minor changes to step to the next level, but as long as you keep the final destination in mind, it will happen in due time. Just keep a positive attitude and everything is bound to be found, and you are sure to stay down with Track 10- "Wishful Thinking".

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  1. Happy to connect with you on Twitter and here. I look forward to read more of your blog. Have a nice day! Brightzilian

  2. Great blog! You have truly musicians here! Any rock n roll you want to point out?

  3. Great blog, big ups for this good work you're doing������

  4. I think you are on point with your blog. Ace brings it with the new shit. Keep up the good work!!