Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wülf Boi's- "Foolish Warior" review

Alright now everybody please come and pay ya boi Wülf Boi his proper respect. He has figured out the formula to create a magnificent masterpiece. This is some next level swag, and he exercise alot of magical mature melody. These are some well crafted ballads, and there is no way you will not be enamored. You are really gonna be given a good time, and you are sure to tune into his rhyme with Track 02- "Warning Of State Affairs".

First and foremost, I must give him alot of respect for opening this work with the soundbite from Bleach. What a way to immediately gather somebodies attention. It did not take long before I could properly evaluate his lyrical value. When somebody takes the time to really perfect their craft, it shows. The message is accurately received with every verse, and there is no way he will not be heard with Track 07- "Pigskin" prod. BluntedBeatz.

Another positive note, he really selected some quality beats. This is not some turned up and jumping piece. He is spitting some knowledgeable vibes for you to take it. Every tune has a specific way of massage your cerebral status. You can't be an air head to fully understand what he said. You will be left filled and revealed after you hear Track-10 "Hollow".

We all go through tough phases in life, that teaches us what to do right. If things are not going fully your way with somebody, all you have to do is part ways with them and continue to thrive. The title of this really hits a home run on many aspects of life. Sometimes we are foolish fighters, and blindly go into battle. It's best to take the time to evaluate everything, befor you fully commit to anything. He is giving yall a real rooted reality with Track 05- "Ira".

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