Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Oogie Leo's "Audio Love" review

This was a real nice piece from begging to end. Ya boi Oogie Leo made sure he did his thang on this one. His pleasantly smooth temperate beats will have you thinking on the different level. He is a romantic talking some relation realness throughout the entire quantity. There is no way you will be able to doubt his ability when you hear Track 10- "All I Want".

What I really enjoyed about this was how everything was crafted. This sound's mixed and mastered by a professional top notch producer. Also I was really vibing what he has to say. He is amazing at being descriptive, and paints a vivid picture of whats going on. Anybody out there listing to this will be know how keep it hot with Track 04- "To The Side".

Also I rejoice in the fact that this was not too long. At a 46 minuet run time, it is able to listen to in one session. It would be best if you listened to this with your special someone, while yall get ya groove on. Oogie Leo will have you mixing yall zodiac signs, and making it work out no matter what they say. Everything gonna be alright, and you gonna get what you need with Track 06- "Audio Love".

We all go through periods in life that are pivitol, and drastic changes need to be made. It's nice to be single, but really all that single shit is some bullshit. It's cool to be with someone who is really out for your success, and submits them self to you. In return you gotta do the same and keep em safe. It's pointless to be out here wasting time with somebody who don't care about you, and you will buy into everything with Track 09- "If It's Worth It".

If I was you I would make sure I would be on the lookout for this artist in the future. He is dam good, and will blow off yo hood. I appreciate listening to this. I downloaded it right when it was released, but just got around to writing the review. If any artist wishes to have their mixtape reviewed just add me on Snapchat greatfrank87, or email me at


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