Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Street Wiz's "AMF 2" review

Here comes a nice smooth and cerebral swag for all the Jet Life fans to vibe to. Really this is a mixtape that anybody can chill out to as you get lifted. There is no hyped up trap beats on here, just some real nice tracks to cosat to in the whip likewith Track 08- "My Zone" ft. Young Roddy.

I first listened to this mixtape months ago when it first came out. It has stayed in my library for some time now because this is a just a great listen. I now have more free time, so I made sure to show my respects. Street Wiz is pretty consistent on every track and you will hear on Track 13- "Rhyme pattern" ft. Trademark da Skydiver.

I do have to say although I really enjoyed this work, I was more enomored by the beats, more so than what Street Wiz had to say. Nothing wrong with that, its just that after so many tracks the lyrics become repetive and generic. There should be more features because he is already a Jet Lifer. Its all swag though because I really enjoyed and I will be on the lookout for more like Track 03- "Keep it comin'".

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