Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nipsey Hussle's "Mailbox Money" review

Nipsey Hussle continues on releasing top notch works on a monthly bases for everybody to enjoy his talents. This is a true master of the mixtape game, and he never fails to surprise and amaze. Not many can grind on his level, but those who can are different like in Track 04- "That's How I Knew" prod. SAP. Kick in J.

Seriously Nipsey releases a mixtape almost every other month. That is the sign off a true grinder that stays on top of his swag. I wrote a review on one of his last tapes "King Nipsey" about a year ago. It was real nice, and so is everything else he made. I really know what he means when he is counting up like in Track 05- "Count Up That Loot" prod. Drewbyrd.

Another thing I enjoyed is how he kept everything in proper respects. On Track 15- "Overtime" prod. Ralo: 1500 Or Nothing, Nips is spitting some real talk. Everything that's happens in life may not be fair, but at least you still living. That's all you can truly be grateful for, so be sure to always give thanks. Thank you for visiting Great Franks Place.


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