Monday, August 18, 2014

Snoop Dogg & The Eastsidaz "That's My Work 4" review

Snoop swags in with another swag to keep yall swaggin. Swag! I know this came out a good minuet ago, but it has stayed in my playlist and I couldn't forget about Da Dogg! SWAG! Yall know Snoop never stops swaggin and he is a legend in the game. SWAG SWAG!!! He never fails to release any work dat doesn't swag, so I'll always stay true to da original swagger.  Yall will defiantly know what I swag mean when listen to Track 18- "Lets Go" ft. Natt Dogg. R.I.P. Swag.

What I like about this mixtape is how true Snoop sounds to da original loops. These are the original sounding tracks & beats that fueled his fame to greatness from the bottom. He has really found his nitch with da mixtape game because not many are able to adjust. Alot of big time artist can't put out consistent masterpieces because they are tied up legally. Those record companies will hold you by the balls forever and not let you work, even for free. But nothing stops Snoop from doing what it do. You will know what I say when u play Track 06- "Bottom Girl".

Yall know alot of no swaggin is going on, with dat killer cop poppin dude 6 times. Yall know, dat shit in Missouri. Dat shit is horrible. I mean, YES dat was a no good nigglet dat needed to learn a swag lesson, but did he deserve to get BLASTED!!! Bang Bang!  Dam. It's all swag because karma finna swag. All dem stupid niggas that's holling and rioting, is gonna get Karma's Thrash Swag too. Them hooligans making all black folk look like a heeven race. WOOP! Snoop Lion needs to swag go there and serve dem niggas to sum smoke swag like on Track 11- "Put 1 Pon The Air".

It's so raw dat Snoop keeps grinding because he is motivation for all da swaggers to keep swaggin. I have been lazy myself, but now I'm comitted to up my game up. I have alot of mixtapes to review and I'm finna swag. SWAG SWAG!!! It's been a year since I started this blog and I finally have a steady flow of readers. Tired of being broke, working these grave labor jobs that just aint swaggin. There will be some upgrades pretty soon and all I gotta do is keep swaggin. Thank you for supporting and reading and visiting Great Frank's Place.


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