Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gucci Mane & PeeWay LongWay's "The White Album" review

Gucci may be locked up but that doesn't stop him from continuing to feed the streets with work. This time he teams up with PeeWay LongWay and makes magic on da tracks. MPA is a legit crew that has so many rap gods its ridiculous. They always ready to have you safe swaggin like on Track 05-"Dangerous Click" ft. Jose Guapo. 

Alot of people I know have no clue who PeeWee LongWay is. Me being a blogger and a substantial fan of Migos, I have liked PeeWay from the first time I heard "Dirty Sticks". It's great that he came out with a mixtape with Gucci to help raise his profile. He is extremely talented with his walloping vast rap vocabulary and dynamic high-powered zippy rhyme delivery. He gives you something to think about on Track 07-"In The Way" ft MPA Duke. 

Everybody knows what you get when you listen to Gucci, drug dealing and balling. When it comes to LongWay, I personally don't feel that is his strong point. After listening to him for some time now I feel he is better when he expresses his sincere swag more. He is more poetic than someone would think, but because he continues on with the thug persona it's difficult for a new listener to grasp. It's all swag though because he is a fairly new and I'm sure he will find his swag eventually, until then enjoy releases like Track 3-"Call Yo Plig" ft OGD.

I will be on the lookout for more releases from the MPA band camp because they really know how to swag. Gucci will be out of prison one day but I do have its silly and nonsensical how he is not able to stay free. He getting older and I know he tired of being behind bars. At what point does he grow up and stick to the business? Its no more "Free Gucci" from me, now its "Stop Getting Locked Up Gucci", but I will still support. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place. 


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