Thursday, May 1, 2014

Migos & Rich The Kid "Streets On Lock 3" review

WOOP WOOP!!! SWAG SWAG!!! Migos teams up with Rich The Kid once again to make dat magic swag. They never seem to fail to astonish my senses swag and connect the sentence swag.This being the only mixtape I have listened to for some time now, I figure I should write da swag review because DIS SHIT COLD!!! They really making it swag on Track 23- "Make It Work" ft Soulja Boy.

Like I said this is the only mixtape I been listening to. I haven't wrote a review in a good minuet because I been working alot lately. Feels good to be making money because being a #OBN (Old Broke Nigga) is a no swag dat don't be swaggin swag. Migos is da #YRN and all of the QC swaggers are talented and rich. WOOP!!! They are on they own land and can't be touch like on Track 13- "Islands" ft Ty Dolla Sign prod. by Murda.

Now let me say I have been grinding hard and I know why. Its because a nigga tired of being broke. I'm not lazy, its just before I couldn't get a job. Now I live next to a huge factory neighborhood. I have worked at plenty of them because I have agencies hooking me up. My perspective on having an anent or a manager has completely did a 360 and I now understand their importance. I don't know how much they make off me, but I do know I have worked for 3 different companies in 3 weeks. Thank God that now I have found a job that fits me well. They be hitting me up like on Track 15- "Phone Line" prod. by DJ Plugg.

I have to say that all of da Migos is raw. They all on another level way higher than any majors. I give all of them credit for keep grinding and going because now they starting to get real radio play. I want to start hearing more from Rich The Kid because he be swaggin to da swag swag. He says alot of bold statements and he really is Rich $wag and he be swaggin on Track 19- "Clientele" ft. Chinx

Another reason I'm glad I'm working because I'm finna get a girlfriend. Although I really enjoy masturbating, I don't do it as much unless drastically necessary. Can't be no broke nigga and have a woman now a days. Summer time is cumming up and nows da time for da hoes to change they boyfriend like on Track 16- "Switch A Roo" ft. PeeWay LongWay.

Also, I like dat Migos fuck with majors all the time like on Track 05- "Pack Gone Missing" ft. Wiz Khalifa & Chevy Woods. Its not cheap to afford top notch features, and you know they not fake. I am somewhat confused because Drake cut them out of the "Trophies" track that is currently in heavy radio rotation. I heard it on the unofficial release of #YRN2 and Quavo is on da hook. I don't know what happens but Drake's camp bogus for cutting them out.

Lastly I have to say its so nice that all Migos mixtapes are masterpieces. These are free mixtapes and they always provide you with 25 tracks of some swag swag. If it was a studio album, you definitely would get yo monies worth. Having the MP3 is nice, but I don't understand why they don't have a website where you can purchase a hard copy. That way you cut out the distributing cost of the production and if they signed every copy they would make more money. SWAG SWAG!!! You don't need alot to swag like on Track 14- "3 Mics" ft. DJ Ray G.

Now that I'm working, I don't need to ask for donations from my loyal readers, but I will continue. I have plans to start a porn site soon and dat shit is far from cheap. Also I plan on rapping professionally, not just using other folk music without their permission and posting it on Xvideos. I even have a rap name, but I will wait till everything is ready to reveal anything. A nigga is finna step up to next levels on da swag. If you have it to give, a small donation to my paypal would be a swag swag. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.



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