Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chief Keef's "Almighty So" review

Before I begin with this review I just wanna put everything on the table why I have quarrels (beef) with Keith Cotarz aka Chief Keef aka Sosa. A few months back I was watching WGN morning news (I no longer watch them) and they had a report on a young black man that was raping women on the south side of Chicago. Although I have never resided in the city limits of Chicago, I am from the south suburbs and travel frequently to the south side to conduct business & party. I feel I have a connection to the city and I represent it to the fullest. The report on the news was there was a serial rapist and Chicago Police Department had the man in custody and released him after he was identified in a line up. Then after they released him with no charges they drew a sketch of the perpetrator and it appeared to look identical to Chief Keef.

How I came to the assumption that it was Sosa was not only the sketch looked like they traced a picture of him, he also has the finical means to pay off CPD & it is not a secret how corrupt they are. Also he released this mixtape immediately after the entire situation when it was suppose to come out weeks before. I have a Youtube page & I did a video showing the news report and I will post the link at the end of this review and leave this entire situation alone.

NOW TO THE REVIEW!!! Overall I really enjoyed this. I was really looking forward to listening to this because I boycotted him for the rape situation. Honestly I missed listening to Chief Keef's new style and its the same as "Bang 2" but the engineering sound much better because "Bang 2" sounded like it was recorded on a old cell phone. Most people are closed minded and don't know how to appreciate an artist when they change their style but I really like it. It appears that Sosa is gonna stay consistent with this style of vocal and slower lyrical delivery method. Its more like he is singing rather than regular rapping and with the styles of Drake and Wiz Khalifa that is the direction hip-hop is going. So to all yall that cant swag with Chief Keef's new swag then just stay back because he is ahead of the game with this.

I am a HUGE Chief Keef fan not just because he if from Chicago, but he is raw. He goes all in on his music and really paints a proper deception of what life is like for young black men in Chicago. The south and west sides are literally warzones and anybody just driving through is risking their life because you can easily get caught up in some crossfire. It is really sad but things are slowly changing and times will be better as long as people like Chief Keef keeps going hard representing our city proud. He is an icon for all the hood niggs that don't believe they can do it.

Last thing I must put out is this mixtape was suppose to come out on my birthday. Well not exactly on my birthday September 11, but it was supposed to come out on the 12th & I was expecting a midnight release. It was like Chief Keef purposefully picked that date specifically for me because I don't have much money at all & that was like the perfect birthday present. I waited all day long for it to come out but it didn't come out. I wasn't the only person who was livid all his loyal fans felt so disappointed. He did the same with "Bang 2" and it seems as if he does not appreciate his fans. We are the ones who keep him popular and for him to do that was like the hardest slap in the face. If he does read this I ask that he be more professional and keep his word when it come to the release date because that sucked. really sucked.

You can download this mixtape at the link below. I do have the link to the WGN news report so if u watch I also ask that you please subscribe to my page. ALSO of course I have the donation link below. I know nobody has a desire to donate but I really need anything u can spare. I took away the simple $1 because I need much more than than. I am really broke and nobody will hire me because I am opinionated and express myself. So if u have anything to spare it is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for visiting Great Frank's Place.




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