Saturday, March 19, 2016

YG Teck's "No Excusez" review

Ya boi YG Teck put out a real fire inspirational mixtape, that will have to reaching all your goals. I was captured by every track, because he goes ham on every track. He will have you feeling righteous all day long. This artist has some superb story telling lyrics, and his flow is strong. When you listen to this you know nothing is wrong with Track 14- "Feel Good" ft. Rell Fetti.

I really like the title to this piece. You can't always make excuses, because then you never make any progress in life. People who always coming up short, never see real success in life. They just waddle in the same place forever, and they are unable to rise up. Their excuses always holding them back. Just stay on your grind and stay on your own time with Track 06- "Own Mind".

I also enjoyed that YG Teck kept coming hard on every track. I was amazed at how deep some one could go with their verses. He is spiritually bless in all lyrical facets. This is something that you have to sit down and relax, to fully enjoy the entire experience. Not many artist can do it like this, and he will capture your breath when you hear Track 09- "Take Off".

I do have to say, this mixtape was kind of long. Most of the time I hear these mixtape's, and never hear them again after I write the review. The one's I do keep are the short ones, because they don't take up much space on my memory. I take the time to hear the entire mixtape, because that is my job as a blogger. Most folk do not have desire to hear anything but the mainstream, so it's best to keep it short and sweet. It's all good and he do his thing in Track 10- "Flip It" ft. Rell Fetti.

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