Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rellz Da Postman's "Players On The Field" review

Rellz Da Postman teamed up with Christobal The Vision, and dropped one of those original hip hip style mixtapes. Hearing this will take you back to the good old days, when all rappers took the time to create something great. I was fixated with every word that was spit. Please believe these guys are legit, and you will know after you hear Track 11- "No Patience" prod. Rellz Da Postman.

Everything about this work has a stimulative breath taken old school vibe to it. It's all good tho, because all the new artist need to take a seat, and hear what made hip hop what it is today. Most artist don't have a clue how this genera of music was constructed. You gotta go back to the roots to understand why it is so popular. There is no annoying auto tunes or repetitive alibis to distract you from the main element. You will be enlightened when you hear Track 03- "Bright Lights" prod. Rellz Da Postman.

I never heard of Rellz or Christbol before hearing this, but I will be looking out for their future works. I know how hard it can be to get people to consistently come back. When you keep it simple, most folk are simply not interested. They make the mistake of passing up on something extravagant, just because it's not flashy or dramatic. It's all fine and you will take the time when you hear Track 09- "Dope Rhymes" prod. Rellz Da Postman.

I found this mixtape just browsing and the album art looked cool so I heard it. I don't understand why Christobal The Vision's name is not featured in the title. Maybe they should just team up and create rap duo group. Just an idea beacuse it's not fair becuse he is on every track. It all gucci, and he does his thing on Track 14- "Think Twice" prod. Christobal The Vision.

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