Monday, March 7, 2016

Kirko Bangz' "Playa Made" review

Ya boi Kirko Bangz came in strong and did his thang. Dis was a gem from beginning to end, and downloading this is defiantly not a sin. Listening to this will have you going to places you didn't knew exist. I have been a long time fan of ya boi, and he has been doing it big for a good minuet. He been reppin Houston for a minuet, and you will love him infinite with Track 06- "Dat Texas" prod. Albie, TrakksSounds, & Chinky P.

What I really like about this mixtape, is he really goes in. He is spitting some real truths, and if you not in tuned with him you simply not tuned. He know how to give it straight, and there is no way you will not be able to relate. One way or the other, you gotta find a way to make em pay, and you know he is not late with Track 03- "Ain't A Pimp" prod. Gluck & BDon.

What some folk don't realize is when they missed out on something great. They always trying to play games, but they don't notice when that's not the proper thang. It is somewhat insane, because there is no confusion as long as you keep things frank. Keep it 100 with you movements and nobody gets confused. All you gotta do is tell the truth like in Track 01- "Waitress" prod. X.O. & Albie.

There are sometimes in life when you gotta make decisions as to what's important. Chasing after someone who doesn't appreciate you is pointless, but luckily there is always a new day to find someone new. On to the next, as some would say. Just find somebody that doesn't care about your past like in Track 04- "Mileage" prod. X.O & Albie.

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