Saturday, March 26, 2016

Curren$y's "Weed & Instrumentals" review

When Spitta come to town, yall know it's time to get down. This release was yet again another masterpiece. He never fails to deliver to the streets. I already knew listening to this was going to be a pleasure from the jump. He really knows how to give it to you right, and you will be going all night when you hear Track 02- "Gas" ft. TY.

What I mostly love about him, is he is relentless with his grind. There is no questing that he is at the top of the level when it comes to being a hustler. This was just another piece of evidence to prove his honorable status. He is boss that controls the secene at any moment in time. You don't really know how to beast up and take over until you hear Track 05- "In My City" ft. TY.

This mixtape had a different vibe than recent previous works. The last one "The Carrollton Heist" was much more melancholy and grief stricken. This one is focused more towards hustling and reaching new goals. It is way too many distractions out here that will end your life at any moment. You gotta stay on game and stay alive to thrive like in Track 10- "Ultimate Ultimate".

I have been working hard and taking a lesson from Spitta's message. It's hard enough to simply wake up every day. let alone go and get stuff done. You gotta do what you gotta do tho. After hearing this you will be motivated to finish all your business. You gonna make it happen one way or the other when you hear Track 04- "Above" ft. Mr. Marcelo.

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